Intro to Rob 101 A

I am:
- writing a blog in hopes of delighting weary internet travellers
- a junior at Berry College in Rome, GA
- a Communications major (surprising I have a blog, eh?)
- a Christian and trying to figure out what that means
- a feminist (but I've never burned a bra, I think girls would get pissed if I stole bras and
burned them)
- excited to graduate and make a career out of fighting sexual violence
- committed to good relationships and all the crap that comes with them
- a former employee of a Japanese Steakhouse
- a horrible driver
- prone to love
- prone to failure
- brilliant and delightful
- prone to pride (see above)
- passionate but scared
- the child of loving parents and the brother of a genius
- sad friend of a deceased dog named Greta
- usually seen with a cup of coffee
- in love with the women of "Grey's Anatomy"
- a reader and a thinker
- comforted by Ben and Jerry's "Dublin Mudslide"
- entertained by reality TV
- ashamed of the above fact
- scared of spiders, heights, and losing the ones I love
- constantly trying to figure things out and often not figuring them out

I want to write about things that matter. Not dates I went on, or people who pissed me off (well, maybe if it has a social impact), but things that fire me up and move me to action. I want to write about lessons I'm learning or lessons I think I should be learning. I want to write about the disconnect between my head and my heart. I want you to read it, but you don't have to. I want to be honest.


Amber said...

so rob did writing my book inspire you to do this? i think it did!

lelly said...

in love with the women of "Grey's Anatomy"

...what. ALL of them?

Rob Powell said...

yeah, why not? who's not to love?

well, i guess i'll leave out all the sick extra-esque females.