Are we living in different worlds?

Here's an article about the apparently super-hyped rape culture myth floating around college campuses.

As you've probably figured - I take major issue with this. I'll make my complaints in bullet form (oh yeah, I'm stretching my blogger muscles):
  • MacDonald refers to campus efforts to stop rape as an "industry." To me, this connotes profits. Oh, how untrue. Fighters of rape get paid poorly, work incredibly hard, and undergo an immense amount of emotional strain. To paint there efforts as opportunistic and selfish is astoundingly offensive. These people who have commit such time to a serious issue deserve more respect. Language is important. The language used here pisses me off (contradictory to discuss importance of language and then say piss, maybe? But, I'm blogging, don't we get to do that kind of stuff?).
  • She then alludes to the fact that radical feminism is "self-indulgent". Interesting. Desiring basic human rights and a social acceptance of equality? Self-indulgent? Come on.
  • Later in the article, she addresses rape-culture. She argues this concept was conjured up by a bunch of feminist academics looking for a problem. See, we differ here. Because I think rape-culture is created by the hordes of violent pornography, the incessant objectification of women in pop culture, and the general lack of concern for rape victims and their pain.
  • Like all anti-end of rapers out there, she then blames the victims for "slutty" and "boorish" behavior. I so wish people could understand that no degree of sluttiness grants someone the right to force sex upon another person. This logic is not only absurd but also dangerous.
Ultimately, I think it's a bunch of crap. Another revamp of Katie Roiphe's The Morning After. It's a bummer. A big bummer. If she heard the stories I've heard, looked into the eyes of victims, had friend after friend detail their experiences of sexual assault I think she may think differently. Or maybe, she still wouldn't care. The ivory tower is comfortable, but wow can it limit your vision.

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