Oh yeah, I'm going there.

So, I was perusing Newsweek and learned a valuable lesson. Being married is just like having a pet.

Yep. Check it out. In life, I am human. In marriage, I am dog.

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Carter said...

Oh, give me strength! I felt right at home reading this article--I took a semester of this stuff in my last psych class! To label these techniques as exclusive to training animals is utterly ridiculous. Chin up, Rob: the fact is, you can be "manipulated" in the same way as a dog. But so can we all. In fact, the conditioning this author describes are the basis of all behavioral learning ANY animal species does. To frame it in the way this author does is ignorant of an entire branch of serious science, and (as you point out, of course) awesomely disrespectful.

One thing you'll learn about me on the Tour: there's a special place in my rage for the misuse of science to reinforce negative and demeaning stereotypes.