Dirty Fonda

So, you know Jane Fonda. She's the actress whose always stirring the pot. A couple decades ago she got real friendly with the North Vietnamese. Well, now she's back in the game, throwing out the c-word on NBC's Today show.

It's funny because everyone is all mad. Author of The Vagina Monologues Even Ensler put it best when she said, "Why is there a buzz about that when there's no buzz about the word 'rape' or 'plutonium' or 'clusterbomb'?" and then continues to say, "I'm always surprised that people focus on these issues, when one of three women in the world are being raped and beaten and violated."

Get it Eve.


Hannah said...

Ohh! yeah! i saw this! this is ridiculous!

Stephen said...

"Women's rights advocates, for instance, have hyped the incidence of sexual assault, claiming that one in three American women will in their lifetime be a victim of rape or attempted rape. (The actual number is more like one in eight- but the advocates know it would take a callous person to publicly dispute their claims.) Advocates working for the cures of various tragic diseases regularly do the same. Why not? A little creative lying can draw attention, indignation, and -perhaps most important- the money and political capital to address the actual problem" (Levitt & Dubner, _Freakonomics_, 2005).

Now, this does not discount the problem. On the contrary, the question it should bring up is- "what is it about the actual statistic (one in eight- nonetheless a horrifying number!) that causes certain women's rights advocates to feel as if they have to lie? Obviously they feel as though this creative lying will bring more people and money to the cause.

So you should see that there are very creative liars in the world that are garnering quite a bit of support for some indisputably great causes.