Get it Oprah.

I wasn't aware that I really loved Oprah until today. Check out Oprah laying it down on behalf of female equality at an Obama rally in California.

Now you may think this is weird, let me explain. Oprah is articulating one of the major themes of female equality- the right to think and choose for yourself.

This is dang sweet. All those criticizing Oprah for not supporting Clinton apparantly don't realize that they are flowing fountains of sexism. To support Clinton based on her sex rather than her platform is incredibly sexist. Both toward Clinton and Obama. If Obama is the best candidate, most representative of your beliefs, than to not vote for him due to his sex is reversed sex-discrimination. That's bad.

And, to usher Clinton into the White House only due to her genitals is amazingly patronizing. She deserves votes based on her achievements and vision for this nation, not solely because she is a woman.

The whole point of equality is that we ultimately throw out all these superficial characteristics (race, sex, etc.) to evaluate people based on their identity. America should vote for the best candidate, not their favorite anatomy.

So, I raise my glass to you queen of daytime television. You are indeed a free woman. I support your voice because it is entirely yours!

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Jennie said...

C'mon, no one is criticizing her for not voting Hillary just because they're both women. People are criticizing her for voting Obama just because they're both black.

Obama routinely gets around 90% of the black vote, Clinton gets nowhere near that many female votes.