Homeboy is not cool.

A fellow named John Strausbaugh just released a book entitled Sissy Nation. So, can we guess why I'm claiming he's not cool?

Oh yeah, it's a feminist thing. Sissy slams men for being like women. Well, that's offensive. Isn't there something wrong with a supreme insult characterizing someone as "woman-like"?

Yeah, I think there is.

So, this guy penned this book all about America being a bunch of wimps. Which is strange. Given the slaughter occurring abroad, it seems that maybe we're a hyper-masculine, can't use words, bask in violence and death kind of nation.

Anyway, he thinks we are all sissies. I think he's a misogynistic homophobe.

Using language that has been historically a tool to keep a group of people down to make a point about an entirely ifferent issue is irresponsible, uncreative, and ultimately unproductive. His book may contain some engaging ideas, but the language he chose to title his book doesn't represent his point, but rather represents the constant reinforcement of gender and sexuality inequality.

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