"Pimped-out" Media

Here's an article about MSNBC's David Shuster's tacky Clinton jab.

Come on? You know. Claiming she "pimped out" her daughter? Ridiculous.

This comment is not thought provoking, it's just dumb. Our press is meant to provide facts and ideas for the public to digest and later make an informed decision. But, when the public conversation is reduced to classless, unimformed jabs our digestive system goes all caddywampus. Give us some real food folks, not these super salty, overcooked, oozing with animosity movie snacks.

Also, "pimped-out"? So, Clinton slapped Chelsea around a little then forced her to have sex with some man for a buck. Once again we are seeing an offensive word flippantly over used.

I want more form my media. I want news, not a playground yo mama battle. I turn to the sage Britney Spears for a final response to MSNBC and David Shuster, "gimme more".

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