Shady Christians...

Have you heard about the creation museum? (that junk looks expensive, why don't we feed somebody. if they are starving, I'm pretty sure their not thinking "oh man, I want to see animatronics")

Well, it is this massive, young-earthian place devoted to the spreading of creationism as a science. That's cool. Do you're thing, you know. I'm a little critical of their rhetoric because they seem to be playing the whole good v. evil card. Which, regardless of what you believe about the earth's creation, just because someone is an evolutionist doesn't mean their evil, right?

Anyway, don't be shady! Check out this article about the new "peer-reviewed" journal produced by Answers in Genesis.

This kind of stuff frustrates me. It seems like so often Christians get a little tricky and, maybe they don't mean to be tricky, but with the public watching Christians as they do, shouldn't folks of faith take a little more care not look like a bunch of cloaked secret agents (you know, figuratively).

All I'm saying is Jesus wasn't suspicious. He was honest. And, I may be rockin' the faith here, but shouldn't we take some notes from Him - not the KGB.

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