Man, this is weird.

I woke up in a Super 8. Yep. And, there's an RV parked outside that will be my home for a year. This is really strange. I woke up this morning painfully aware of how strange this is.

Strange but good. This morning I'm giving the presentation for the first time (practice only). This is the presentation I'll be giving to thousands of me over the course of my time with One in Four. The presentation is good and very true. Chock full of statistics and rape-myth debunking logic, I really think it has the potential to change a lot of minds.

Williamsburg, city of pedestrians. I''m talking streets are full of wandering teens. Where are they going? And, with such sad faces and wet bathing suits? I think they all wander because they are wildly upset that their family's summer vacation was to a historic mecca rather than Panama City. Somethings I've notice about the city so far: it's way hot, got plenty of cheap hotels, and, for the summer only, has a huge amount of foreign labor.

I went to bed last night thinking about women I love. I've been so lucky to be engaged in a great deal of relationships with amazing women. As I lay down in this Super 8 bed and eat granola bars, I think: I'm proud to do this for them, for all those women I love.

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