A mind, body connection?

I threw up a lot on Sunday.

We aren't talking a little vomit to start the day. We're talking from 7 to 7, I was the most efficient vomit producing factory on the east coast. And, so I wonder- did my mind tell my body to throw up a lot in order to teach me something about this transitional time?

Or, was it the Wok-n-Roll Chinese buffet I had for lunch the previous day?

I'm not sure, but there are more learnings to be had from the first. I'm stressed, I'm nervous, I'm poor like you've never seen, and I'm just dying to make a difference while trying to be cool all the while. My mind told my body to throw that all up. And, so I did.

I'm vomiting up my desire to be cool that ranks above my desire to be myself. I'm vomiting up the fear of being poor and ingesting the richness of justice. I'm vomiting up missing my friends and family and serving myself a big ol' helping of right here and right now.


Amber said...

remember that chinese buffet we went to while studying for our law final? how could you eat at another one after that? i miss you already rob...

Lakia said...

I think the fact that you went to a restaurant called Wok-N-Roll played a huge role in your 12 hour heaving process... just a thought.

i love you robbie p!!

Hannah said...

Yeah, I heard you called VG from the dead! Hope you feel better now!