Writing on the Road

No, seriously. I'm writing with I-95 zipping beneath me. With earphones in, I'm writing to you all with Washington, D.C. whizzing past my open window.

I think I've fallen in love with my job. Let's be honest, the Super 8 was not providing the adventure I expected. But now, I can feel the adventure. I can feel the freedom of what I'm doing. I am so thrilled to feel good.

Oh, I drove the RV today. For a long while, I steered our home from Williamsburg to a Flying J near D.C. Not too shabby, I don't think. We dumped our tank, which is not fun but feels like a fair trade.

Currently, I'm looking out the window to see a very industrial scene. It all looks new, you know? Well, new to me. I think that is why I'm feeling so excited, this is all so new. I promise you, things look different. Snap! I'm now on a drawbridge. This is rich. I'm not. But, this is.

Washington Monument out my left window. And, I feel good.


Hannah said...

Rob! where are you (both literally and figuratively!!)??! No updates or emails! I miss our penpal thing and I have feminist observations from abroad to share. How's it stateside?
email or update or something!

SavannahRed said...

hey! i have a blog now, so add meeee :)